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Welcome to Two Fat Veggies, a cunning plan carefully nurtured (well, much talked about before we got off our arses and got it going) by Anthea Hawdon and Sharon Wheeler.

You can blame Clarissa Dickson-Wright for the title – not that she’ll be stopping by to read the blog! Anth decided to turn to the green side after seeing Clarissa advocating GBH on some cute piggies.

Sharon, meanwhile, has been vegetarian since the age of 15 (and we’ll quickly gloss over just how long ago that was – suffice it to say 30-odd years is near enough!) In that time there’s been one incident with a miniscule mouthful of caviar on an Aeroflot flight back from St Petersburg. But her life is finally complete now someone has manufactured decent vegetarian Worcestershire Sauce. Cheese on toast is naked without it.

What you won’t get on this blog is lots of poncy photos of eye-wateringly expensive designer kitchens or recipes where you can only rustle up the ingredients if you live inside the M25, or which take three and a half days to make (that’ll rule out anything in the style of Heston Blumenthal, then).

What you will get is reviews of good eating places that we come across on our travels, along with recipes that we’ve tried, enjoyed and that anyone can make.

Oh, and we promise not to bumble around England in a motorbike and sidecar …


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    • Thanks, David! It’s a very long time since I’ve been on a motorbike – I think it might have been when Glorse plods pulled me over for carrying a fencing foil on my back!

    • Hee! Thanks, Suzy! I do have somewhere a Guardian feature where the reporter tried to make one of Heston’s recipes – it took three days and required the hire of an industrial leaf blower!

  1. Are you allowed to subscribe to this blog if you are not a vegetarian? 😉 I am not, though I don’t eat meat/fish with every meal by any means. I could really have done with this blog when my daughters became vegetarians – for about 5 years each, but in series rather than in parallel which was logistically challenging, a polite phrase for “ever so slightly annoying”. Especially the second girl who would pretty much only eat pasta or Margarita pizzas as she did not like anything else veggie that we could find or create. Glad to read that recipies will not be like the ones you read in the paper where you run out of energy just reading the list of ingredients let alone the assumptions about one’s kitchen gadgets in the instruction bit.

    • Please join us, Maxine – I know there are other meat eaters around!

      Erk, that’s challenging to cook for! I just tell people that I eat anything apart from meat, fish and eggs …

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