MacSween Vegetarian Haggis


The veggie haggis

A comment on the Guardian food blog introduced me to the concept of Vegetarian Haggis. The commenter recommended it for Christmas Dinner. Well, Christmas is long past, but when I spied <a href=""the MacSween vegetarian haggis in the supermarket, I had to give it a go.

I’ve had the real haggis a few times when I was a meat-eater and enjoyed it. It’s far tastier and nicer than its ingredients suggest it was going to be, so I was intrigued to see how the veggie version was going to stack up against it.

Naked haggis

The instructions with the pack said that it could be microwaved, but you have to take it out of the casing to do so. The texture is quite open and crumbly, but that is true of traditional haggis. It kept in slices when put in the dish and microwaved.

After cooking

It tasted light and savory. The predominant flavour is lentils, with a chewiness provided by the oatmeal and mushrooms. It is softer in texture and far lighter in flavour than the traditional haggis and they went easy with the pepper as well.

Serving suggestion

Served with veggies and gravy it made a satisfying meal.

The MacSween website has a list of recipes for their vegetarian haggis, somehow I feel that Vegetarian Haggis Crostini will remain untested in my household!

Verdict: A tasty and filling ‘nut’ roast. It may well show up at Christmas this year. But it’s not haggis.


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  1. Hi Anthea,
    I work for Macsween of Edinburgh and we loved your post! If possible could you email me I would love to post your blog on our twitter and facebook etc!
    Team Macsween

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