Recipe: Chickpea and red pepper stew with harissa


This is from Nigel Slater’s Dish of the Day programme. It needs the lift of the lemon juice at the end. Another time I might put a bit of lemon zest into the stew as it cooks.

Chickpea & pepper stew with harissa

2 red peppers, seeded and sliced
10 cherry tomatoes, halved
2 tsp harissa paste
400g tin cooked chickpeas in water
juice of 1/2 a lemon
handful chopped coriander

Dry fry the peppers in a saucepan on a high heat until most of the pieces have a few charred specks on them. You’re not trying to burn them, just add a little roast pepper flavour to the stew.
Turn the heat down and add the tomatoes.
Stir for a couple of minutes as they release their juices.
Add the harissa paste and stir to coat the peppers and tomatoes.
Pour in the chickpeas including their water.
Cover and cook for 15 minutes, then cook for 15 more minutes with the lid off.
Pour in the lemon juice and stir in the chopped coriander.
Season. It will take quite a lot of salt.
Serve with cooked rice, couscous, quinoa or another grain.

Serves 2

Slimming World syns – According to the Food Optimising book, harissa paste is free on green. I am suspicious about that as the paste I used had a lot of oil in it. I would say this gets about 2 syns for the oil in the paste. Otherwise this is free on green.


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  1. I really enjoyed this dish – just finished eating it. It’s extremely tasty and has a lot of flavour, yet is still light.

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