Quick Bites: Recipe: Bircher Muesli


I think I’ve always liked muesli. I remember when Alpen came out in the ’70s, all Swiss and sophisticated. A step up from Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies. It was healthy too, I mean it had the Matterhorn on the packet so how could it not be good for you?

I still do like muesli, even though I’m aware the average bowl of packet muesli has about the same amount of sugar as a bowl of Frosties. What I’ve come to appreciate more recently has been Bircher Muesli – the original kind, where the grains are soaked overnight. What this gives the muesli is a sweetness and texture like good porridge but without the heating and stirring. I use porridge oats for mine and generally a mix of frozen fruits of the forest mix and sliced grapes. Bananas, nuts and maple syrup might be making an appearance this weekend as well.

My preferred mix is 35g of porridge oats, put in a bowl and covered with 80-100 ml of milk. This gives a fairly stiff consistency, but you can always add more milk in the morning if you prefer it runnier. Leave it overnight to soak and serve in the morning with your fruit of choice on the top. I don’t think it needs any added sweetness, but add yours to taste.


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