Quick bites: What a picture, what a photograph …


So I might have spent several years ripping the piss out of friends and colleagues for being unable to tuck into their meals in restaurants without taking a photo of it first. Me, I don’t hang about letting my food get cold …

Until I start blogging about food, that is, and I get all fussy about photographing what’s on my plate so that I can review the restaurant later. And my partner-in-crime Anth, who has a super-duper nutter turbo bastard camera that makes tea and toast and takes the stones out of boy scouts’ hooves, instructs me on how best to showcase food I’ve cooked.

I may have to submit my first effort – a pic of a pasta dish that looks like it was taken from behind a theatre safety curtain – to the BBC site after today’s neat little feature on photographing food, complete with tips from professional photographer Paul Winch-Furness.

And I think we’ll gloss over the fact it took me three visits to review Pie and Vinyl in Southsea – those around me were most amused by my anguished shriek halfway through my plate of pie, mash and mushy peas: “Arrrgh! I’ve forgotten to photograph my dinner!”


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