Quick bites: Round the web


Here’s what I’ve been reading/listening to in the veggie world this past week and a bit:

First the good news! Vegetarians cut their heart risk by 32%. It’s great to see it’s a big study (44,561 participants) and published in a proper peer reviewed journal (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). There’s so much pseudo-science knocking around nutrition that a bit of solid science like this is like gold-dust.

The BBC Radio 4 Food Programme devotes a whole programme to Food in the Life of Sir Paul McCartney”. It’s a good interview, but I was a bit disappointed they had to have asides from free-range, rare-breed animal farmers though. There aren’t so many programmes devoted to vegetarian issues that we need ‘balance’ in them.

From The Guardian – What Kind of Vegetarian Are You?. I’m not someone who thinks that people should live their lives to fit in with a dictionary definition, but I do with that ‘vegetarians’ who eat chicken, or seafood or whatever kind of animal didn’t call themselves vegetarian because it makes it more likely that a strict veggie (like myself) unwittingly ends up eating a meat product because other ‘vegetarians’ didn’t mind.

Discussions about the Quinoa issue have been rumbling on in The Guardian:

Tim Philpott in the Environment Section has a measured response looking at the issue that occur when a locally-grown food hit the global market.

Eating quinoa may harm Bolivian farmers, but eating meat harms us all is a lot more fun. The original ‘vegans are just as immoral as any meat-eater (I may have paraphrased that) article had a comments section that gave cautious support to the veggies. But suggest that omnivores may not be right in eating meat and watch the fur fly!

I had noticed a few more vegetarian articles in the news websites recently there was even a spread in the Metro. It was that article with Mary McCartney that gave the game away for me. Linda McCartney foods have a new chilled food range out and the clan are out promoting it. See above interview on Radio4. Oh well, at least we’re getting vegetarianism in the news.

The Independent has a list of the 10 best vegetarian cookbooks. Check out the comment section for more recommendations as well.

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