Mock Meat: Meet the Alternative Sausages


I think it’s probably about time I came clean and admitted that I’m obsessed with sausages. I liked them when I ate meat and now I’m a vegetarian I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to eat sausage-shaped alternatives (and Jay Rayner and the rest of the Kitchen Cabinet can just lump it!).

I was pleased and intrigued to find a new veggie sausage in the chiller cabinet on my last grocery shop. These are from Meet The Alternative. The website calls them Pork-Style Sausages, but the packaging just calls them Sausages. They are vegetarian, but not vegan.

meetthealternative photo DSCN0634_zps8b50b495.jpg

I gave them my standard test and fried them.

meethealternative2 photo DSCN0635_zpsb8d6a163.jpg

They look OK with a decent bit of browning. Texturally I have to say they’ve got it spot on. The sausages are chewy without being dense and give a great mouthfeel. Flavourwise, they’re very bland. They’re up there with tofu in the taste stakes. If I were them I’d stop trying to make them taste like pork and concentrate on getting more umami tastes in there. They’d be OK in things, but I wouldn’t be rushing to eat them on their own.

It’s great to see new veggie products coming out there, I might try some of their ‘meat’ chunk style offerings, but I can make better tasting sausages than this.

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  1. I tried the beef style pieces last night. As you said with the sausages, the texture is spot on but the flavour is a bit peculiar. They taste a bit “cereally”, i think its something to do with the barley extract they put in. I won’t be rushing out to buy these again – will probably stick with the Quorn version.

    • I tried their ‘chicken’ pieces this week and actually really liked them. Better texture than the Quorn version and a decent chicken flavour.

      • I had a look at the ‘chicken’ pieces but was put off buy the fact that they seem to be perfect cube shapes! I’ll give them a go now that someone else has tried them! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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