Quick Bites: Tofu Noodles with Sweet Chilli Sauce


This is a bit of a late night, back from the pub snack. It was inspired by a Nigel Slater recipe, so that makes it a bit more respectable! However, I’m not going to give precise measurements to keep in with the unrespectable aspects of this recipe.

Tofu Noodles with Sweet Chilli Sauce photo DSCN0669_zpsbc8302ce.jpg

Sweet chilli sauce
Soy sauce
Spring onion, chopped
Crisp lettuce, shredded
Coriander, chopped

Put the noodles on to boil. While they’re cooking head a little oil in a small frying pan over a medium heat. Add the tofu and heat through. Add 2-3 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce and about a tablespoon of soy sauce. When the sauce starts to bubble stir in the spring onion and a handful of the lettuce. Once the noodles have cooked, drain them and put in a serving bowl. Pour the sauce over them and garnish with the chopped coriander.

Serves 1 as a late supper, or snack at any time


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    • I can recommend the Cauldron marinated tofu pieces. So much easier to deal with that normal tofu – no draining required!

      • I’ve put them on the shopping list. I need to freeze some for occasions like this – and it’s the second tofu recipe you’ve done recently which I desperately want to make!

      • I have a very relaxed attitude to tofu. I drain it, cut it, use it. As long as you’re gentle with it, it doesn’t break up much even in a stir-fry. And if it does, so what? Marinading does make a big difference to the taste though.

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