Live Below the Line – 5 Days, £1 a Day


As you know if you’re reading this blog, food is a major preoccupation of mine. I cook it, I eat it, I think about it, I read about it, I watch tv programmes about it, I take pictures of it, I write about it. Because it it such a large part of my life, I prioritise my spending on it. I am in the incredibly privileged position of not having to worry how much I spend on food. That’s not true for the majority of people in the UK and it certainly not true for the vast majority of people living on this planet.

1.4 billion of us live on just £1 a day.

That’s a level of poverty I can’t imagine.

Live Below the Line is a charity dedicated to raising awareness about this. They have a challenge to live for 5 days on £1 of food a day. The challenge runs from 29 April to 3 May 2013. And this year I’m taking it on.

The charity I’m supporting is The Hunger Project UK . They’re a charity dedicated to the sustainable end of world hunger. I’m aiming to raise £100 over the week. I’ll be donating what I would normally spend on food that week. That puts it a considerable way towards £100, but if you’d like to support me in this effort, my donation page is here:

Anything you can spare, however small, will be gratefully received.

I will be (inevitably) blogging about this her throughout the week of 29/4 so you can read how I’m finding it.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.

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