Live Below the Line – Day 3


I had a headache for the morning, today. I’m putting that down to caffeine withdrawal, although I wouldn’t have said that I drank enough to warrant withdrawal symptoms. Mind you, I wouldn’t have said that I had any sort of a coffee addiction, but I find I’m really missing my morning dose of over-priced brown foam. I didn’t look forward to lunch today anymore than I did yesterday. It’s really weird. It’s a perfectly edible curry and I realise that as soon as I’m eating it. It’s just that I never want to eat it.

I don’t feel that about the pasta sauce I have for dinner. Although that might be because I’ve realised that, if you add a teaspoon of sugar to the recipe, it’s the same as for Heinz Spaghetti. I have clearly stumbled on their secret recipe!

My meals are getting quite a bit of attention in the office. Quite a few people want to know what I’m eating and why I’m doing it.

This is one of the reasons why. If you want to help you can donate at my Below The Line page.

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  1. I was worried about your caffeine withdrawal and couldn’t come up with how to get you a coffee for 27p. Each Starbucks has a double shot of strong coffee, I imagine you will definitely be struggling. *hug* You’re nearly there!!! You could offer to pay 27p to someone for a coffee!

    • I have been tempted to cheat, but I haven’t because of the people sponsoring me. Two days to go. I can do this!

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