Live Below the Line: Day 4


This has been the toughest day so far. The problem is lunch. I made the tactical decision when starting this challenge to make two big pots of food to have for lunch and dinner. It worked with dinner – the pasta sauce is fine – it still needs garlic and black pepper – but it’s nice. The bean and vegetable curry isn’t. It’s not completely inedible, but it’s not something I want to eat more than twice at the outside. I have to eat it five times and I’m really, really sick of it. It’s starting to blight my mornings as the time to eat looms every closer. That is so wrong for a work-day lunch. Lunch should be a highlight of the day, a little boost to get you through til home-time. This meal sits in the office fridge like a tax demand.

The best Colemanball I ever heard for myself was on the radio one time. A stately home cook had been fired and was suing her employers for wrongful dismissal. According to the radio news reader, her employers said her food was ‘bad and inevitable’. That’s what the bean and vegetable curry has been.

But! I have a plan. There’s enough tomato sauce to have it for soup tomorrow lunch and then dinner in the evening. To be honest I’d eat plain pasta if it meant I didn’t have to eat that bloody curry again.

So I have that good news. And other good news the Live Below the Line campaign has raised over £550,000 so far. If anyone wants to add to the total, you can do so here. Thank you.

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    • I’m not sure if I want to do this challenge again, but if I do I’ll think harder about that kind of thing.

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