Review: Coffee7


Please welcome a guest blogger. Let us introduce you to Yvette Elliott, who’s a schoolfriend of Sharon’s and an amazingly talented feltmaker and textile artist. Go and drool over her creations at Starjump Arts. Yvette has found us a new veggie cafe in East London to explore …

In January 2013, Coffee7  vegetarian cafe opened its doors to a grateful and expectant Forest Gate clientele. An attractive and welcoming place, with vintage furniture and crockery, fresh flowers and genuinely friendly staff, it has a small menu of simple, well-made dishes (with the ‘special’ changing each day), good coffees and teas, and delectable cakes.  The atmosphere is relaxed, with a children’s play corner, a little outside sitting area and a snug side room with comfortable sofa and shelves of books to browse.

I recently visited for lunch midweek, and was pleased to see the place busy.  I chose roasted pepper stuffed with cous cous and served with green salad and butterbean and celery salad, while my friend went for the houmous  with wholemeal bread and salad.  Other choices included a salad platter and sandwiches made with your choice of speciality cheeses and relishes.


I didn’t have the chance to photograph my friend’s meal as she tucked in enthusiastically while I was snapping mine!  She found her homemade houmous garlicky and delicious, while the wholemeal bread was moist and had a light, open texture.  She was especially pleased to find avocado in her accompanying salad!  My peppers were nicely gooey and softly collapsing, and generously stuffed with cous cous gently flavoured with onion, cheese and parsley – and extremely well-priced at £6-00.  Sadly, we had no room for pudding, but chocolate brownies, sponge cake and huge home-baked cookies are typical sweet offerings.

The café has quickly established itself as a popular meeting place and is particularly lively at weekends.  When we visited, it was hosting an exhibition of work by a local artist, and it acts as an information hub through its ever-growing noticeboard. I’d recommend it whole-heartedly.



10 Sebert Road, Forest Gate, London E7 ONQ



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