Recipe: Avocado toastie


The only thing standing between me and veganism for the past few years has been butter on my toast in the mornings, and small amounts of cheese. The latter has finally got the chop; the former will stay, if only because I detest the alternative spreads with a fiery vengeance. So I’m in the market for non-cheese fillings and toppings.

Avocado’s a pretty spiffing sarnie filling, and if you mash it up, you don’t need butter with it. But it always needs something there to perk it up a bit, hence why those supermarket sandwiches with it in are so bland. So play around with a base for it. My work colleague Emma suggests Marmite. I’ve used soft goats’ cheese in the past. Both of these work well, as the sharpness/saltiness contrast nicely with the creamy avocado.

You could stop there but I like it with finely-chopped spring onions and a drizzle of sweet chilli dipping sauce on. I did try red onion once when I was out of spring onions, but the slices need to be thinner than thin things or it over-powers the flavour.

And this cries out as well for decent chunky bread. I think it’s better toasted – and you could rub a peeled garlic clove across as well. I’ve tried it with bagels and it’s good, but a thick-cut slice off a white farmhouse or bloomer loaf wins by a whisker.


Thick slice of bread
Soft goats’ cheese or Marmite
Half an avocado
Spring onion
Sweet chilli dipping sauce

Toast the slice of bread and spread with the base of your choice. Mash or thinly slice the avocado, depending on how soft it is, and pile on the bread. Sprinkle thinly-chopped spring onion on top, then drizzle over some sweet chilli dipping sauce.


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  1. That looks fab! I shamefully admit to hovering on the edges of veganism as well. Cheese, though. And eggs… *whines*

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