Recipe: Angela’s melting peppers pasta


Two of the most delicious dishes I’ve ever eaten were also the simplest – a handful of fresh ingredients and very little preparation as well.

The much-missed Mad Hatters restaurant in Nailsworth prided itself on using vegetables straight from the garden. Their linguine served with cherry tomatoes (very very slightly cooked until they just start to soften) and basil was divine.

The other recipe comes courtesy of my former colleague Angela. She’s the kind of person who opens her larder, thinks for a moment, then effortlessly conjures up a meal for a dozen people. I remember eating peppers and pasta sitting in her Birmingham garden one summer to the accompaniment of pan pipes (a South American musician lived over the fence).

Again, this is a very simple dish, but it needs good ingredients. So this isn’t the place for the low-calorie spray. If you’re doing Slimminng Word, syn the olive oil.


Ingredients (serves two)

One red and one yellow pepper

Two tablespoons of tinned tomatoes.

Sea salt

Olive oil

Veggie parmesan

Heat three or four tablespoons of olive oil over the lowest heat you can manage – I use one of those diffuser things and turn the gas down to two. Cut the peppers into thin slices. Cook them very gently until they are meltingly soft – don’t let them disintegrate into mush, though. Add the tomatoes and warm through. You need just enough tomato to loosen the mix, but not so much that you swamp the peppers (they’re the stars of the dish!) Season well with sea salt. Serve with vegetarian parmesan, or omit if you’re vegan. Erm, that’s it …


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  1. Nice tip about the slow / low heat cooking, it definitely makes things richer and fuller flavoured. We’re all so used to seeing TV chefs frantically dashing stuff together in super hot woks, it’s easy to forget that some foods like to go slow. I’ve been doing this more often myself lately, especially with stuff cooked in EVOO and Hemp oil neither of which like high temps.

    • It really makes the difference with this dish – it would be pretty bland if it was just flash-fried. Someone suggested I bought a diffuser, and it was a very good tip! I have some nice hemp oil in the cupboard, but I’ve only used it for dressings and not to cook with. I must experiment!

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