Recipe: Veggie BLT sandwich


I’ve never had a bacon sarnie in my life, and the only sausage sandwiches I’ve had have been this year and involved veggie ones. As you may have gathered, I’m not struck on recreating pig products (or any other meat, for that matter) with vegetarian alternatives.

But I admit to having been intrigued by the following recipe, which I found years ago when the Metro newspaper started up and used to have a rinky-dinky recipe column based on the premise of quick meals for that night’s dinner. And yes, it’s a vegetarian version of a BLT sandwich – not one you can wrap up and take to work, unless you like cold halloumi, but one you can dress up for lunch or supper with some potato wedges and dips on the side.

The first time I had halloumi was when I made this sandwich. It bemused me a bit at first when it squeaked between my teeth and didn’t melt, but it grew on me, particularly when I discovered how much a lemon dressing pepped it up (courtesy of a Turkish restaurant in Norwich) and how I tolerated it much better than cow’s milk cheese.


Method (serves 1)
A large ciabatta roll (or half a bigger loaf, depending how hungry you are)
Three slices of halloumi cheese
A large tomato, sliced (make it a decent one and not the blotting paper variety)
Fresh lemon juice

Heat the ciabatta through in the oven while you’re dry-frying the halloumi. When the bread is warm, slice it in half and grill it lightly on both sides. Spread hummus on the flat sides and then pile on the halloumi slices, followed by the tomato, topped by the rocket. Drizzle lemon juice over, and add salt and pepper if you like. If you’re hungry, add potato wedges on the side, with salsa or guacamole to dip them in.

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