Quick Bite: Fridge Pickled Radishes


I’ve been thinking of ways of using up odds and ends of vegetables. Freezing is one option, but another is lightly pickling them. Fridge pickles, simpler to make than proper pickles, but meant to be stored in the fridge rather than left on a cupboard shelf.

I’ve used radishes in this recipe (as that’s what I had to hand), but this would work nicely with carrots, turnips or even cauliflower florets.

I’ve based my recipe on this one. It would be possible to add some different spices to mix up the flavour a little.

Radish pickle photo DSCN1036_zpsedf427a7.jpg

150ml water
25ml distilled white vinegar
2tsp salt
2tsp sugar
slice fresh ginger
1 small birdseye chilli split lengthways
200g radishes, quartered

Add the liquid ingredients to a small saucepan and bring to the boil.
Add in the salt, sugar, ginger and chilli.
Simmer for a few minutes until the sugar and salt have dissolved.
Put the radishes in a sealable jar or box.
Pour the hot liquid over them.
Seal the jar/box.
Leave to cool and then put in the fridge.
Give it 24 hours before eating them.

Serve as a snack or as an accompaniment to dals, curries or salads.


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