Recipe: Potato and Sweetcorn Chowder


It’s in the nature of food writing and blogging to want to complicate things. To go for new twists on old recipes and to dream up new complicated recipes. When I was planning this dish I thought of adding tofu, or white mushrooms to it. In the end necessity proved to be the mother of simplicity – I used the last of the tofu earlier in the week and my mushrooms were coagulating into a fungal mass. And this dish is the better for it. Just sweetcorn, potatoes and soya milk (non vegans can use semi-skimmed cows milk) and the result is sweet, savoury and delicious.

A few notes on ingredients – normally chowder is made with floury potatoes, but as the creaminess is coming from the sweetcorn and milk, so I like the potatoes to have a bit of texture. To the same aim, I’m not peeling them – I never usually do with any potato, but especially new potatoes. I also use a stock-cube. I have never managed to get a tasty vegetable stock using vegetables, so I’d rather go with a good quality cube/powder.

Potato and Sweetcorn Chowder photo DSCN1138_zpsd0fd2658.jpg

1 red onion, finely chopped
300g new potatoes, cubed
1 tin creamed sweetcorn (about 420g)
Soy milk to the same volume as the tin of sweetcorn
1 vegetable stock cube
1 bay leaf
1 tbsp chopped parsley (for garnish)

Sweat the red onion in a little oil in a large saucepan.
Once the onion is translucent add the potatoes, sweetcorn, soy milk, stock cube and bay leaf.
Stir thoroughly and season with salt and pepper (white pepper is best).
Bring to the simmer and simmer for 20-25 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked to be thoroughly soft.
Remove the bay leaf.
Serve with the chopped parsley sprinkled over the top.

Serves 2 as a hearty main course

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  1. Oddly enough I’ve been craving sweetcorn chowder recently – you’re right about keeping it simple; though I might go out on a limb by adding a tin of butter beans and some diced red pepper sometimes, it’s usually just sweetcorn and tatties here too. Neat tip for using creamed sweetcorn, not tried that before, will definitely squirrel that one away! And I absolutely agree about homemade stock, Kallo cubes are generally good (and varied), as is Marigold bouillon powder for light stock, with Vecon, Vegemite or yeast extract for rich brown ‘meaty’ dishes.

    • It’s a pity home-made veg stock is usually such a disappointment. Creamed sweetcorn really works here. Saves on getting the blender out, anyway.

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