We’re two fat 40-something vegetarians – journalist and lecturer Sharon Wheeler, and computer service desk-jockey Anthea Hawdon. Sharon’s been a strict vegetarian since the age of 15 (aside from one minor spat with a mouthful of caviar on a flight home from St Petersburg). Anthea is a newbie at this, having been brought over to the veggie side by watching Clarissa Dickson-Wright urge the slaughter of some adorable rare breed pigs.

We’re not the ultimate foodies, nor will we be posting twee photos taken in a suspiciously spotless-looking kitchen. Instead, we’re normal veggies who want to share yummy recipes and good cafes and restaurants which offer more than cheese and tomato pizza, or sun-dried tomato pasta. Although if we stumble into one of those we will tell you about it!

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  1. Just found your blog and enjoying catching up with everything. I have read a couple of the articles about restaurants how veggies have problems eating out in some restaurants. Try Spain – went out for a meal with friends this week and I had a chunk of bread, 2 tomatoes and some grated carrot – made up the SW syns with the wine. There really is not much choice in restaurants in Coastal Spain. Only 4 weeks to go then we can enjoy the veggie restaurants of Nottingham.

  2. In France (where I live; Paris region) there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants, whether in the capital itself or any where in the country. It’s a matter of looking around, asking or better, checking on the Net. As far as Spain goes, my youngest daughter lives in Barcelona and told me there are quite a few vegetarian restaurants all over the country; just check on the Net (I did) and you’ll find a good listing according to the city. As with France, the bigger the city the greater the possibility of finding a good vegetarian restaurant.

    P.S. Just love your blog; I’ll be following it very often – keep up the good work!

    • Hello! Thank you for following us! It’s great to hear from people in other countries about vegetarian food and restaurants there. I’ve never been to Spain, but I’ve not had much trouble finding good food in Paris. Elsewhere in the country it’s been a bit more tricky, but that’s often been rural areas.

  3. Hi – I have come across your site which is great but can you please tell me if all your recipes are syn free and if not, where I can find the syn count for each one. Thanks x

  4. Addicted to your pease pudding. A bonus because it’s SlimmingWorld friendly i.e. Syn free. How can I access your other recipes?

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