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Recipe: Roasted garlic mushrooms with brie


Mushrooms, garlic and brie all in one recipe, served with crusty bread? Out of my way, if you please …

Anth’s ninja Google skills tracked this little gem of a recipe down at the Amuse Your Bouche site.  The amounts there are precise – I’ve happily fiddled around with it depending on how garlic/cheesy I wanted it, or what was lurking in the fridge at the time, or how many people were standing around looking forlorn and hungry …







Salt and pepper

Slice the garlic and put it in a roasting dish. Add the mushrooms (cut them into bite-sized chunks and then roast them in either butter or olive oil, depending which you prefer, for 15 – 20 minutes. You don’t want them shrivelled or soggy, but they do need enough time to pick up the garlic flavour.

Chop the brie into bite-sized chunks and add to the mushrooms. Grate over sea salt and black pepper then scatter plenty of basil on top. Roast for another ten to 15 minutes until the cheese has gone all melty.

It cries out for crusty bread, but would probably also work with ciabatta – particularly if you toasted it lightly, then rubbed a clove of garlic across the surface for added garlicky-ness.

The dish is very more-ish and works nicely as either a light lunch or as a dinner party starter.