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Restaurant Review: Las Iguanas, South Bank


Las Iguanas at the Royal Festival Hall stands at the foot of the Hungerford and Golden Jubilee Bridges on the Southbank. It serves Pan South American food and drinks.

Now, the Menus page of the website, lists a vegetarian/vegan menu, but when I asked for one at the table I was told just to pick from the vegetarian items on the main menu. I did email them to ask about this, but so far (and this was two weeks ago) they haven’t replied back.

That’s disappointing, but Las Iguanas does have a good vegetarian selection. It tends to lean towards the cheese and cream end of the spectrum so I was pleased to find Bahia Moqueca, a coconut curry with squash, palm hearts and spinach. No dairy involved, at least by the menu description.

las iguanas photo IMG_0430_zps6b7131b4.jpg

It came in a dish kept warm over a little burner, which is nice. I like a bit of theatre at dinner. The dish wasn’t as flashy as its presentation, but had a nicely spiced coconut curry sauce with interesting vegetable bits in it. It had a noticeable level of heat, but nothing too much. It was a lot fresher and lighter than similar dishes would be in east asian restaurants. The rice was flavourful and came with a side of sweet plantain and a dish of coconut to spinkle over. I enjoyed it, and it hit lots of nice boxes in my effort to eat out without having to have cheese everywhere.

I’ve never been to Las Iguanas without it being busy and this visit was no exception. The service is not brusque, but it is brisk, it’s best to have any menu queries to hand because otherwise you’ll be asking them at your waiter’s retreating back.

They make rocking margaritas, though.

Dinner for one (including cocktail and service) £19.21

Las Iguanas at the Royal Festival Hall
Festtival Terrace
Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX
Tel: 0207 620 1328