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Linda’s spicy potatoes


I could just about do without rice (wot, no risotto? Eek!), probably manage OK without pasta, but no potatoes would be the end of the world. You are looking at the woman who survived on mashed potato and assorted vegetables for six months when I went down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about 15 years ago. And the search continues for the ultimate mashed potatoes …

So there was no contest when Anth’s and my domestic goddess friend Linda offered her spicy potatoes as an accompaniment to both an Indian feast (her hubby’s not a big fan of rice) and stuffed peppers.

And they went brilliantly with both. I adore Indian food and would probably eat it every day, given the chance, but I’ve always been a tad underwhelmed by the bland potatoes arriving buried in spinach that you get in restaurants. But the spices here make the difference. And as for the amounts, adapt according to your taste.


Garam masala
Freshly ground black pepper
Ground sea salt

Parboil the potatoes and dice them.

Fry a couple of cloves of chopped garlic in some olive oil, add the spices and stir on the heat until they’re all mixed and bubbling slightly.

Add the potatoes, stir well to coat them in the spices, then fry for a couple of minutes until they’re browned and cooked right through.